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Member Rewards Program

Australian Dancing Society Ltd.

 Some of these benefits and opportunities that come with being a member of the Australian Dancing Society Ltd. in the 2023/2024 year, as a reminder of the value you receive:

  1. FREE door admission to all Australian Dancing Society Ltd. competition events (NOVA DanceSport Classic, Tot’s To Teen’s Grand Prix, ADS Rising Stars, Queensland Challenge Cup, Galaxy DanceSport Classic, Dance Odyssey, Sydney City Classic) (excluding ticketek & agency events)

  2. 10% off ADS Championship door admission (Premiere DanceSport Championship, Victorian DanceSport Championship, Southern Cross DanceSport Championship, Night of Stars, Crystal Classic Championship, Great Western DanceSport Championship, East Coast Classic National Championship) (excluding ticketek & agency events)

  3. Exclusive Access to EARLY BIRD booking for the Australian DanceSport Championship

  4. Discounts at ADS Preferred Suppliers, please see website for details. 

    1. Dancewear For You

    2. Zahara Crystals 

    3. NY Australia 

    4. Kerrie Rolls Bourke Photography 

    5. Feather Finish Photography 

    6. JP Designs 

    7. Prime 2 Perform 

    8. A&L Florist 

  5. FREE entry into the workshops conducted by renowned dance professionals as part of the Australian DancesSport Championship. 

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