Member Benifits

Australian Dancing Society

The benefits of the new look membership includes:
FREE entry into the following ADS Events nation wide:
Vic - TBA.
Discount on entry price into ADS events nationally including the Australian DanceSport Championship (Tables only)
Discount for programme purchase at ADS events
ADS members receive early bird offers and information on all ADS events in their state and of course The Australian DanceSport Championship.
Discount on all ADS Development Programs including training camps, seminars and the congress' conducted annually at The Australian DanceSport Championship.
The design of the ADS Elite Awards system allows for great versatility and combinations to suit your studio
ADS members will receive a 10% discount on floorside table packages at The Australian DanceSport Championship (conditions apply)
Being a member of the ADS allows you to utilise the following services:
Technical Accreditation and comprehensive Elite Award Medal System
Various Accreditation
A syllabus for technical qualification in Standard, Latin, New Vogue and Theatrical
By working with our syllabus, you can simply do a dual qualification with DSA if you wish or you can just do an ADS exam.  If you complete a qualification, you can apply to be a member of our
Board of Examiners
ADS organises premium competitions and National DanceSport Championships in all states of Australia.
Insurance - ADS have a public liability cover which is national so it covers you for any of our promotions. It also covers you if you are an examiner working for ADS
Regular seminars that can be part of your professional development
ADS athlete support program providing travel assistance to Australia's Representative couples to WDSF World Championship
The following membership categories are available
Gold Member (Life Member)
Silver (ADS Accreditation)
Bronze (Athlete or Supporter)
Should you have any enquries relation to membership, please contact the office via